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Kamaru Usman, the U.F.C.’s top pound-for-pound fighter, is trying to generate buzz for a fight with the boxing champion Saúl Álvarez. It’s not likely to work.

The fights are available on a variety of streaming services and from other television providers.

Content to hang out with his daughter mostly unbothered, Usman, the U.F.C. welterweight champion, does not aspire for the fame of Conor McGregor. But he does have his eye on something big.

But organizing MMA fighters is a particularly tough challenge.

The Marvel superhero originated in comics filled with racist tropes. The creators of the new film made a list of the preconceptions they were up against and set out to conquer them.

A pair of young men used an idea, social media and a pandemic to create a thriving underground fight club. Then the authorities got wind of it.

The social media influencer wants respect for his transformation into a main draw boxer even if his skills are beside the point.

His martial arts movies appalled some with their extreme violence, but the director Quentin Tarantino was a fan and gave him a late-career boost.

Stress isn’t usually a good thing for mental health. But during exercise it can be.

Ivory Coast and Jordan won their first-ever Olympic golds, thanks to taekwondo, as did Taiwan. Afghanistan’s only Olympic medals, a pair of bronzes, came from it, too.